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Noora + Antti // 2014

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was a super awesome wedding I had the privilege of shooting this summer here in Finland… Finland is an incredible country to be shooting in the summer as the sun literally doesn’t set, so you have long, sunny, summer nights… Noora was a friend that I had met in my college years, and she had kindly asked me if I would shoot their wedding…

It was so awesome to see that Noora had found someone who she was so passionately in love with… I remember her saying on the day of, “If I knew all along that Antti was the man I was going to marry, I would’ve been able to wait another 5-10 years!” It was really great to see a couple who were so in love and excited to start this new chapter of life together.

Congrats Antti and Noora!

-Teppo // Heart Visuals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pauliina Hirvelä – Ylioppilas // 2014

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  This is part four of my graduation photo series. Here in Finland when they graduate, they get these sweet little sailor caps that they can proudly wear on their graduation day. For this photoshoot, I had been scoping out this one place on the river for a long time. It is too hard to get to with wedding couples, so I figured this graduation shoot would be a perfect place to try it out and get a bit creative. Pauliina was an awesome model, and we had a good time!

Check out what photos we were able to capture!

-Teppo // Heart Visuals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jovi + Tanja // 2014

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jovi and Tanja were the first couple that I’ve had the privilege of shooting this summer. Hooray for the beginning of wedding season! Jovi and Tanja are close friends of mine, so it was a privilege to be able to shoot these wedding portraits for them, as well as attend their wedding.

Jovi is a photographer himself, so in some sense I had more pressure than usual because I wanted him to be happy with the final outcome. We scoped out this forest the night before, and we were really stoked about the places we were able to find. I loved how the portraits turned out, its not often you have the opportunity to go so deep within a forest and take awesome wedding portraits. Hopefully you guys enjoy them!

-Teppo // Heart Visuals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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